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peter and lesley elsinor
04/09/2016 23:02

Just turned from your wonderful hotel , it was as good as ever on our previous visits. a big thank you to every member of staff that are so pleasant and helpful and make you feel special. The standards maintained by this hotel are an example to be followed by others. o the Chefs , BRAVO , so much choice and quality , To the Bar Staff , well done , To the Maids - Thank You The Pool Man - his standards are so high , everyday the pool area and terrace were immaculate , Well Done. we as a family can not praise this hotel enough........ And thank you to the sercurity man for sorting the towels on sun loungers on a morning. we will be returning , once again , THANK YOU ALL

Well Done

Thank you very much Peter, your comments are really good, all the staff will appreciate them.It was very nice to see you once again. We hope to see you again. Kind regards.

Best hotel in Spain!

01/05/2016 21:26

Just returned this morning from a week at the Mediterraneo. It's hard to find fault with this hotel. Had a fantastic week and got on well with all the staff and fellow guests. The food, on the whole, was pretty good. It's not Michelin star restaurant dining by a long way but it's streets ahead of most of the hotels I've been to in Spain, and trust me, I've been to many hotels in Spain over many years. The chips are good, not greasy, not French fries but quite chunky chips for a Spanish hotel. There is a show cooking area where fresh meat or fish are prepared during restaurant hours.. incidentally, that's where the chips are too! There's a little Italian corner where there's pasta, sauces etc. To the other side of the show cooking there's a couple of containers serving various soups. In the main part of the restaurant there is an 'island' serving both hot and cold food. Typically, there are potatoes of some form, 2 different kinds of meats in sauce, for example pork in a mustard sauce, chicken in a pepper sauce etc, a selection of veg, then there's cold meats, salad etc there as well. The house wine is an experience if you're staying AI. After 1 sip I couldn't work out whether to drink it or pour it on my chips. Yeah, tastes like vinegar. I couldn't drink it and had water with each subsequent meal. For the hotel itself, it's spotless. It seems there are cleaners working almost everywhere you look from morning until night. The tables in the bar are clean, so are the chairs, the floor, the walls. The public areas of the hotel I would give 6 out of 5 for. If you check the website and look at the rooms, that's exactly how they are in reality. The pool area and sun terrace are equally well kept and I can say it was a pleasure to stay in such a nicely kept and well maintained accommodation. Moving on to the staff, the vast majority of them are extremely friendly. The best staff member is Tery, who is in charge of the bar. She's less than 5 foot tall but she is a giant of a character. She makes everyone feel welcome and at home and is simply one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. By all means, drink what you want but if you do give them a tip then they ring a bell kept behind the bar. I gave a euro every time I went to the bar and by the second day my drinks had got a lot stronger! Not only will the bar staff remember your name but they'll also remember what you drink too. I know all you drink is included in your AI package but a quadruple vodka/lemonade for example, will set you back about 7-8 euro if you bought it elsewhere. If you can't afford a euro every time, then maybe 50 cents, or even 20.. it's not how much you tip exactly, it's more like they'll go that extra mile if they're shown some appreciation, and they do work hard for long hours! Alongside the bar, there is the evenings entertainment. This starts at 8.45 with a quiz, followed at 9.30 with the 'hoy hoy' bingo game! The young guy on entertainment is Tyrone, who is originally from Bridgend, here in Wales. During the day he's entertaining the kids but come the evening he's entertaining the adults. I don't think the kids understand the difference, well, they wouldn't would they? So while trying to entertain the adults, he's often got half the kids trailing along behind him. There is another guy doing the entertainment too.. I never caught his name but it seems to be that when he's calling the cards out for the bingo.. yes, cards not numbers, you'll get the gist of it when you get there! He makes it appear that he can't say the word 'clubs' correctly and it comes out as 'klerbs'. It's hysterical when you first hear it but over time the novelty of it wears off somewhat. The guys will then be followed by a show.. In the last week they've had 2 magicians, the second far better than the first! They've had a singer, a 'birds of prey' show, mainly various owls and a few Harris Hawks but quite good. Also, there's been a parrot show, karaoke, and Thursday night was different to say the least, but it was all good fun, and that's what it's all about! Other guests are also interesting. During the past week we sung happy birthday to a 5 year old, and also sang it for a lovely lady who was there celebrating her 95th birthday. There was couple in their seventies who were there on honeymoon and a plethora of other couples and groups ranging from those in their twenties to those in their seventies, eighties, and older. All great to talk to and made some new friends too, who I'll be catching up with when I go back to the Mediterraneo in 6 months time. When you go away somewhere and you get back home, you reflect on the holiday you've just taken. The question to ask yourself is this.. would I go back there again? In the case of the Mediterraneo, I can say absolutely, yes! My opinion? Try it, and it might just surprise you more than you think, in a good way!

Fantastic Week

Thank you very much Adrian. Your comment is a full review of the Mediterraneo Benidorm Hotel and we are very grateful. Of course we will take up your suggestion about the wine. Then if you visit us again you would see our improvement. We hope to see you again. Kind regards.


Lynda Bettney
05/08/2015 22:11

Great holiday. Great hotel, Great food, Great pool, and most of all Great staff who all worked so very, very hard to keep us happy. Thank you all.

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