Drinks all-inclusive

Alcoholic beverages, including soft drinks and beer are the perfect complement to spend a holiday in the sun in Benidorm


The Hotel Mediterraneo is considered one of the hotels in Alicante with all inclusive most recognized of the province, being holiday destination host of national and international clients


  • Coffee
  • Beer: Draught beer
  • soft drinks on tap
  • Juices:
  • Chocolate milk shake
  • White Rum : Local
  • Whisky: Local
  • Vodzka: Local
  • Gin: Local
  • Coffee Liqueur: Local
  • Wine: White and Red
  • Brandy and Anises: Local
  • Liqueurs: Coco
  • Cocktail of the Day:
  • Mineral Water: by cups

Drinks Plus

  • Coffee
  • Beer: Draught and non Alcohol
  • Fast Pepsi, and bitter kas
  • Juices: Orange, Pineapple, Peach, Tomato
  • Chocolate milk shake
  • Rum : Bacardy, Bold and Havana 3
  • Whisky: Ballantines, J & B, Bells, and Dyc
  • Vodzka: Smirnoff
  • Gin: Bombay White, Larios and Gordons
  • Coffee Liqueur: Tia Maria
  • Wine: white and Red (DO Rioja)
  • Brandy and Anises: Veteran, Sovereign, Terry, 103, Pacharán, Ponche Caballero, Anise Mono and Castellana
  • Liqueurs: Malibu, Manzanita, peach, Baileys, Whisky Peche, Martini, Coffee Cerol, Pernod, Ricard and Rua Vieja
  • Cream: Tubs


  • Timetables subject to possible changes
  • Breakfast timetable: from 08: 00h to 10: 00h
  • Lunch timetable: from 13: 00h to 15: 30h (drinks included)
  • Dinner timetable: from 19: 00h to 21: 30h (drinks included)
  • Drinks included: House wine, draught beer and non Alcohol, Refreshments, Water, Juices


  • Timetables subject to possible changes
  • Bar Timetable from 10: 00h to 24: 00h
  • animation throughout the day for children and adults (see schedule at reception)
  • For your convenience must present a card per person per consumption

Snack Bar

  • This service will not be available from the 15-11 to the 28-02
  • Schedule Morning: from 10: 30h to 12: 30h
  • Afternoon: from 16: 00h to 18: 30h
  • Night : from 22: 00h to 24: 00h


  • when you arrive at the hotel you will be given your all inclusive card
  • For good service, please show your card when ordering drinks. One card per person and consumption
  • Your card is not transferable
  • If I wanted to invite someone who is not from the hotel and is not entitled to the services of all-inclusive, you must pay the price indicated in the tariffs
  • In case of fraudulent use of your card, the amount will be charged to your room
  • We ask you to finish your drink before ordering another
  • The all inclusive drinks are served at the bar
  • The all-inclusive additional cards will cost 5 €
  • essential condition: all members reserve a room or have to do the same regime

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us.
Tel: 0034 966 889 353

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